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EDGE 1030 Designer


EDGE 1030 Designer · Customize display, you can design your own screen selecting data from a library.</p><p>If you want new designs, feel free to send your proposal and we will do it! Email [email protected]</p><p>See full documentation ::!AvL5XQdh1ZWHiN9QqqnGRkyt4BvQ?e=Oiqopz</p><p>You have more details in this link</p>


v1.2.0 - May, 05th --- New Di2, elapsed time and lap metrics. New screens. Source improved and minor issues fixed</p><p>v1.1.0 - April, 30th --- We added new screens</p><p>v1.0.7 - April, 28th --- Fixed error not phone connected</p><p>v1.0.5 - April, 27th --- Fixed some visual issues</p><p>v1.0.4 - April, 27th --- Added new screens and added support to Italian & Spanish + English</p><p>v1.0.2 - April, 23th --- Added new screens and made some visual issues




  • 通过 ANT 无线电向/从第三方传感器发送/接收数据
  • 向您发送设备提醒
  • GPS 位置
  • 心率、气压、温度、和海拔高度历史数据
  • 您的 Garmin Connect 健身档案
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  • Edge® 1030 Plus Edge® 1030 Plus
  • Edge® 1030, Bontrager Edge® 1030, Bontrager