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GolfGPS 920XT


Golf App - Designed exclusively for Garmin 920XT series. Track your scores, view scorecard, and store hole GPS information for up to 10 courses.</p><p></p><p>To add a new course, select "Add New Course". As you keep your score, the watch manually saves the GPS position when you are on the green (hit enter). Once GPS data is saved, play course again and again with accurate distance to hole measurements displayed in real time. Record and adjust strokes per hole using the Up/Down arrow buttons, and hit the Menu button to view your scorecard during the round and/or to exit the round.</p>


May 2021 - Update #2 - Basic FIT file functions added. Golf round statistics and activity recording now saved and uploaded to Garmin Connect! Additionally you can now see GolfGPS course data (to verify accurate recording) and set the PAR for each hole direct from your watch!</p><p></p><p>May 1 Update - Added support for meters from Garmin Express Settings Menu.</p><p></p><p>NEW Version 1.2.5 - Added the ability to manually add a course via Garmin Express Settings Menu. Format for each hole is: Latitude,Longitude (NO SPACES) in Decimal Degrees. You can generate these points via dropping a pin on the hole (center of green) via GoogleMaps. You must be sure to choose the decimal degrees value and remove any spaces. (see sample image below). At this time, the App's Garmin Express settings will only let you add one course at a time. You have to then exit Garmin Express and launch the App on the watch for it to load into memory. Once a course is added, it's there until you delete from within the App. You can add up to ten courses total via this method (or the original way via walking the course in "Add" mode.)</p>




  • FIT 文件(活动记录)
  • 将其它信息记录到活动文件中
  • GPS 位置
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  • Forerunner® 920XT Forerunner® 920XT