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GlobalSync Lite


*** If you liked this watchface, please consider donating to support further improvements. (see below) ***</p><p>GlobalSync-Lite is the version of the GlobalSync watchface for Connect IQ 1.4 watches. It is the easiest to read and use worldtimer ever, providing capabilities not even available in conventional worldtimer watches that cost $thousands. Directly read the time in any of the principal 24 time zones, with no manual calculation, buttons to push or bezel to turn, and none of the text appears upside down. The displayed time is even adjusted for DST (daylight savings time) when applicable.</p>


# FAQs</p><p></p><p>Q. What is a worldtimer?</p><p>A. A worldtimer is a watch that indicates the time simultaneously for the main 24 time zones, each represented by a major world city.</p><p></p><p>Q. What are the time zones/representative cities shown on the dial?</p><p>A. Starting from the 12 o'clock position the time zones/cities are:</p><p>* UTC London @</p><p>* UTC+1 Paris @</p>




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