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Pulse Zone Monitor


The data field visualizes the presence of an athlete in heart rate (HR) zones. Also it collects and visualizes statistic which depicting a ratio of HR zones "visited" during the activity session.</p><p></p><p>There are the following widgets available:</p><p>- Pulse Zone Gauge - a gauge, visualizing which pulse zone an athlete is in.</p><p>- HR History - a plot, demonstrating a heart rate change up to 90 seconds from now.</p>


- {added} Tone Info functionality (see in description)</p><p>- {fix} Resting Heart Rate defined in Garmin Connect is taken into account for HRR (Heart Rate Reserve) value calculation</p><p>- {fix} HR History tracks the pulse even when the data field is hidden (another screen is switched on)</p><p>- Common code optimization</p><p>- Height of HS Statistics is increased to be seen when radar is connected (icon in the right-top corner appears)




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